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Give Me Life (German: Schenk mir das Leben) is a 1928 German silent drama film directed by Klaus Fery and starring Grete Reinwald, Henry Stuart, Elizza La Porta.[1] The film's sets were designed by the art director Willi Herrmann.


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Grete Reinwald Henry Stuart Elizza La Porta Jules Massaro Grit Haid Jakob Tiedtke Olga Limburg Robert Scholz Gertrud Arnold Harry Frank Julietta Brandt Victor Colani Hugo Döblin Maria Forescu Stefanie Hantzsch Antonie Jaeckel Oskar Karlweis Hilde Maroff Sylvia Torf Helen von Münchofen Sascha von Wanowska Hedwig Wangel Geza L. Weiss


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Gerhard Lamprecht. Deutsche Stummfilme: 1927-1931.

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