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GIBSON GOWLAND (4 January 1877 in Spennymoor , County Durham
County Durham
– 9 September 1951 in London
) was an English film actor.


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Gowland started work as a sailor and later became the mate on a ship. For several years from the age of 25 he went to South Africa
South Africa
, where he hunted for big game, prospected for diamonds and also organised a theatrical company in Johannesburg
, and acted in it. He prospected in Canada, where he made his debut on the legitimate stage.

Gowland went to the United States from Britain, by way of Canada, in 1913 where he met Beatrice Bird, also from Great Britain, whom he married. They moved to Hollywood
, working as bit players. In 1914 he acted in D.W. Griffith 's Birth of a Nation
Birth of a Nation
, followed by Intolerance . In 1916, his son, actor and photographer Peter Gowland , was born.

Often cast as a villain, his only starring role (out of 63 films) was in Greed (1924), directed by Erich von Stroheim
Erich von Stroheim
, based on the Frank Norris novel