The Info List - Ghazali

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Ghazali (Arabic: غزالي‎) is an Arabic surname, it may refer to:

Abu Hamed Mohammad ibn Mohammad Ghazali
Abu Hamed Mohammad ibn Mohammad Ghazali
(c. 1058–1111), Persian Islamic scholar and reviver Ahmad Ghazali
Ahmad Ghazali
(c. 1061–1123 or 1126), Persian mystic Lynda Ghazzali, Malaysian porcelain painter Kacem El Ghazzali, Moroccan activist Mohammed Ghazali, Pakistani cricketer Mohammed al-Ghazali (1917–1996), Islamic cleric Nazem Al-Ghazali (1921-1963), Iraqi singer Rustum Ghazali, Syrian politician Youcef Ghazali, Algerian footballer Zainab al Ghazali (1917-2005), Egyptian activist

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