The Info List - Geumjeong District

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GEUMJEONG DISTRICT is a district in north central Busan
, South Korea . Approximately 7.3% of Busan's population is in Geumjeong-gu.

The Hoedong Reservoir is located on the district's eastern boundary, and the mountain Geumjeongsan
on the west. Because of this, 75% of the district's land is restricted from residential development. The district's population is concentrated in the valley of the Oncheoncheon stream, a tributary of the Suyeonggang .

Notable landmarks include Beomeosa
, a Buddhist temple dating to the Silla dynasty, and Geumjeongsan, the mountain which overlooks much of the district. Geumjeongsan
is topped by the walls of the Geumjeongsanseong , which were built in the Joseon Dynasty .

Several colleges and universities are located in Geumjeong-gu. The most prominent of these is Pusan National University .

Geumjeong-gu serves as a nexus of transit connections between central Busan
and the rest of Korea. The northern end of Busan