Germanus of Man


Saint Germanus of Man (Manx language, Manx: ''Carmane''; 410 AD, Brittany – c. 474, Normandy), also known as Saint Germanus of Peel, Isle of Man, Peel, was the first Bishop of the Isle of Man. Born in Brittany in the early fifth century, he traveled to Ireland to study with Saint Patrick, who may have been his uncle. Germanus later spent some time in St. Illtud's abbey in southern Wales before returning to Ireland to be ordained by Patrick, and sent to the Isle of Man as bishop. He is thought to have died in Normandy in the late fifth century. In 2012 a bishop's seal was discovered buried in a field in the north of Man, bearing the inscription, ""Let the prayers to God of Germanus and Patricius help us".Edwards, Mark. "Bishop's seal found in field on display at museum", BBC News, 6 November 2012
/ref> His main feast is 3 July, although in some places it is celebrated on 31 July. In Peel on the Isle of Man, St German’s Day is celebrated ten days after his main feast on 13th July, possibly due to keeping the old Julian date following the transition of British Territories to the Gregorian calendar (at the time a ten day difference). St German is patron saint of the island’s Cathedral. There is some historical confusion with Saint Germanus of Auxerre#In Great Britain, Germanus of Auxerre, feast 31st July.


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