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German(s) may refer to: * Germany (of or related to) **Germania (historical use) * Germans, citizens of Germany, people of German ancestry, or native speakers of the German language ** For citizens of Germany, see also German nationality law **Germanic peoples (Roman times) * German language **any of the Germanic languages * German cuisine, traditional foods of Germany


* German (given name) * German (surname) * Germán, a Spanish name


* German (parish), Isle of Man * German, Albania, or Gërmej * German, Bulgaria * German, Iran * German, North Macedonia * German, New York, U.S. * Agios Germanos, Greece

Other uses

* German (mythology), a South Slavic mythological being * Germans (band), a Canadian rock band * German (song), "German" (song), a 2019 song by No Money Enterprise * ''The German'', a 2008 short film * "The Germans", an episode of ''Fawlty Towers'' * ''The German'', a nickname for Congolese rebel André Kisase Ngandu

See also

* Germanic (disambiguation) * Germany (disambiguation) * Germanus (disambiguation) * Germen (disambiguation) * Germain (disambiguation) * Germaine (disambiguation) * Germantown (disambiguation) * Germen (disambiguation) * Germane, a simple chemical compound of germanium and hydrogen {{disambiguation, geo Language and nationality disambiguation pages