Georges may refer to:


*Georges River, New South Wales, Australia *Georges Quay (Dublin) *Georges Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania

Other uses

*Georges (name) *''Georges'' (novel), a novel by Alexandre Dumas *"Georges" (song), a 1977 song originally recorded by Pat Simon and covered by Sylvie Vartan *Georges (store), a department store in Melbourne, Australia from 1880 to 1995 *Georges (''Green Card'' character)

People with the surname

*Karl Ernst Georges (1806–1895), German classical philologist and lexicographer, known for his edition of Latin-German dictionaries.

See also

*École secondaire Georges-P.-Vanier, a high school in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada *École secondaire Georges-Vanier in Laval, Quebec, Canada *French cruiser ''Georges Leygues'', commissioned in 1937 *French frigate ''Georges Leygues'' (D640), commissioned in 1979 *George (disambiguation) *Georges Creek (disambiguation) *Georges Creek Coal and Iron Company, in Maryland, US *Georges Creek Railroad, in Maryland, US *Georges Creek Valley, Maryland *Georges Creek and Cumberland Railroad, in Maryland, US *Georges Hall, New South Wales *Georges Head Battery, New South Wales *Georges Heights, New South Wales *Georges Island (disambiguation) *Georges Labit Museum, Toulouse, France *Georges Levy G.L.40, French amphibious biplane designed in 1917 *''Georges Leygues''-class frigates of the French Navy *Georges Mill, Virginia *Georges P. Vanier Secondary School in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada *Georges River College Hurstville Boys Campus, Sydney *Georges River National Park, Sydney *''Georges Valentine'' (shipwreck), wrecked 1904 off the coast of Martin County, Florida *Georges Vanier Catholic School, Ottawa, Ontario *Georges Vanier Elementary School in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada *Georges Vanier Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada *Georges-Vanier (Montreal Metro), Montreal, Canada *Georgescu, a surname *Georgeson, a surname *Georgestown, St. John's, neighbourhood near the downtown of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador *Georgesville, Ohio *List of hurricanes named Georges {{disambiguation|geo|surname