The Info List - George Randolph Hearst

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George Randolph Hearst Sr. (April 23, 1904 – January 26, 1972) was the eldest son of William Randolph Hearst.[1] Though he never held a title higher than Vice-President at the Hearst Corporation, he was listed above many with higher-sounding titles when executives were listed in the company's publications. One of the five family trustees of the trust established under his father's will (which made sure that eight non-family trustees would have majority control), he was able to secure a seat on the corporation's board for his son, George Randolph Hearst Jr., in the 1950s. After Hearst Sr.'s death in 1972, his son succeeded him as a trustee and was chairman of the corporation's board from 1996 until his death in 2012. He was married to the actress Collette Lyons. References[edit]

^ "George R. Hearst Sr. Is Dead; Newspaper Executive Was 67". 14 February 1972 – via NYTimes.com. 

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