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GEORGE LOANE TUCKER (June 12, 1880 – June 20, 1921) was an American silent film director , actor , screenwriter , producer , and editor .


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Tucker was born GEORGE S. LOANE in Chicago
, Illinois
to George Loane and stage actress Ethel Tucker. After graduating from the University of Chicago
, he got a job as a railroad clerk. By the age of 21, he was the chief clerk for the Maintenance of Way. Tucker was later the youngest man to be promoted to Contracting Freight Agent. After his first wife died while giving birth to the couple's son, Tucker quit his job. On the advice of friends, he began acting in stage productions.

By the mid-1910s, films were becoming a more popular draw for audiences which led Tucker to film acting and scenario writing. In 1911, he wrote a script for the short drama film Their First Misunderstanding . The film, which starred Mary Pickford
Mary Pickford
, was a surprise hit. Over the course of his career, Tucker would direct 69 films, 19 of which he also wrote. In 1913 he directed Traffic in Souls , which concerned the topic of white slavery . The film was an enormous hit (it made over a million dollars in profit) and remains an early influential example of realism in early cinema. Traffic in Souls served to establish Tucker has a respected director and writer. Shortly after the film was released, he moved to England where he hired as the Director-general
for the London Film Company. It was there that Tucker met and married his second wife, British actress Elisabeth Risdon . While living in England, Tucker directed and produced several films for London Film including The Manxman (1917). An adaptation of the 1894 novel of the same name , it was one of the few British films that was distributed in the United States
United States
and would go on to become a financial and critical success.

In late 1916, Tucker returned to the United States
United States
in where he was hired as the Director-general
for Goldwyn Pictures . That year, he wrote and directed The Cinderella Man which became that year's most profitable film. The following year, Tucker wrote and directed another hit, Virtuous Wives
Virtuous Wives
, starring Anita Stewart . In 1919, Tucker wrote, produced and directed what became his most well known and financially successful film, The Miracle Man . The film featured Lon Chaney in a breakout role as a man who pretends to be handicapped. The Miracle Man was a critical and financial success (some critics called it "the greatest picture ever made") and made the film's stars, Chaney and Thomas Meighan
Thomas Meighan
, established stars. Shortly before his death, Tucker completed direction on the drama Ladies Must Live . The film was released in October 1921, approximately four months after his death.


On June 20, 1921, Tucker died after a year long illness at his home in Los Angeles
Los Angeles
at the age of 41. He was survived by his wife, actress Elisabeth Risdon. Tucker is buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetery .



1909 The Awakening of Bess The Heavy

1911 The Fair Dentist Dental Patient Alternative title: Mary's Patients

1911 Their First Misunderstanding – Writer, director

1912 Does Your Wife Love You? George Credited as George Tucker

1912 The Closed Bible The Convict's Daughter's Husband Credited as George Tucker

1913 The Whole Truth George Truthtell

1913 The Temptation of Jane Harry Charlton

1914 The Third String – Director

1914 The Revenge of Mr. Thomas Atkins – Director

1915 His Lordship – Director

1915 Her Uncle –

1916 The Game of Liberty – Director Alternative title: Under Suspicion

1917 Homeless – Director


1913 Traffic in Souls Wireless operator Writer, director

1915 The Prisoner of Zenda – Director

1915 The Sons of Satan – Director

1916 Arsène Lupin – Director

1916 The Manxman – Director Lost film

1917 The Mother of Dartmoor – Director

1917 The Cinderella Man – Writer, director

1918 Dodging a Million – Writer, director

1918 Joan of Plattsburg – Writer, director

1919 The Miracle Man – Writer, producer, director

1921 Ladies Must Live – Writer, director


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