Geoffrey, Geoffroy, Geoff, etc., may refer to: * Geoffrey (name), including a list of people with the name. * Geoffroy (surname), including a list of people with the name.


* Geoffrey of Monmouth (c. 1095–c. 1155), clergyman and one of the major figures in the development of British history * Geoffrey I of Anjou (died 987) * Geoffrey II of Anjou (died 1060) * Geoffrey III of Anjou (died 1096) * Geoffrey IV of Anjou (died 1106) * Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou (1113–1151), father of King Henry II of England * Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany (1158–1186), one of Henry II's sons * Geoffrey, Archbishop of York (c. 1152–1212) * Geoffroy du Breuil of Vigeois, 12th century French chronicler * Geoffroy de Charney (died 1314), Preceptor of the Knights Templar * Geoffroy IV de la Tour Landry (c. 1320–1391), French nobleman and writer * Geoffrey the Baker (died c. 1360), English historian and chronicler

Fictional characters

* Geoffrey the Giraffe, the Toys "R" Us mascot * Geoff, a character from the cartoon series ''Total Drama'' * Geoff, Mark Corrigon's romantic rival on ''Peep Show''

Other uses

* Geoff (Greyhawk), a fictional land in the World of Greyhawk ''Dungeons & Dragons'' campaign setting

See also

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