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DIVISIONAL GENERAL is a rank of general in command of a division. Examples would include the Spanish general de división, the French général de division and the Polish generał dywizji. For convenience such ranks are often translated into English as "major-general ", the equivalent rank used by most English-speaking nations. The corresponding NATO code is OF-7 , or a "two-star rank ". Some countries of Latin America such as Brazil and Chile use divisional general as the equivalent of "lieutenant-general ". This corresponding NATO code is OF-8 , or a "three-star rank " for these countries. In Japan and Taiwan the rank of lieutenant-general is equivalent to divisional general.


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The rank is mostly used in countries where it is used as a modern alternative to a previous older rank of major-general . The rank is almost always above a rank corresponding to command of a brigade , and normally below a rank corresponding to command of a corps .


Division Genera' was a military rank in the Bosnian army from 1992 to 1998.



The Brazilian rank general-de-divisão translates literally as "general of division", and is used by the army. This rank is equivalent to lieutenant-general. The air force equivalent is major-brigadeiro (literally "major-brigadier").  


Général de division Général de division aérienne

Further information: Ranks in the French Army
Ranks in the French Army
and général

A French Army général de division translates as a "general of division". The French Air Force equivalent is général de division aérienne (literally "general of air division"). Rank insignia is that of 3 white stars on the epaulette , sleeve mark or shoulder board.

As well as commanding a division, a général de division may be appointed as général de corps d\'armée (a "corps general ") commanding an army corps, or as a général d\'armée (a "general of an army"), commanding a field army . These are not ranks, but appointments of the same rank. The insignia of a général de corps d'armée is four stars in a diamond formation, and that of a général d'armée is five stars in a cross-shaped arrangement. The arrangement for the air force is the same, but the ranks are called général de corps d'armée aérien ("general of an air corps") and général d'armée aérienne ("general of an air army") respectively.


Generale di divisione Further information: Italian Army ranks , Italian Air Force ranks , and rank insignia of the Arm of Carabineers

The Italian army and Carabineer rank of generale di divisione translates as "divisional general". The air force equivalent is generale di divisione aerea (literally "general of air division").


Generał dywizji Further information: Polish Armed Forces rank insignia

The Polish equivalent is generał dywizji (literally, "general of division"). The symbols of this rank are the general's wavy line and two stars, featured both on the rogatywka (the Polish peaked, four-pointed cap), on the sleeves of the uniform and above the breast pocket of a field uniform.


Army general de división Air force general de división Guardia Civil general de división

Further information: Spanish Army
Spanish Army
, Spanish Air Force
Spanish Air Force
, and Civil Guard (Spain)

The Spanish rank general de división translates literally as "general of division", and is used by the army, the air force and the Guardia Civil ("Civil Guard").


Divisionär Further information: Military ranks of the Swiss Armed Forces

The Swiss military use 4 languages, German, French, Romansh and Italian. The names of the OF-7 rank are divisionär (German); divisionnaire (French); divisiunari (Romansh); divisionario (Italian). In all cases, these are abbreviated as "Div", and in all cases represent the head of a division, and hence can be translated as "divisional general".



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