Gazprombank (Russian: Газпромбанк), or GPB (JSC), is a state-owned Russian bank, the third largest bank in the country by assets.[3]

The bank’s principal business areas are corporate banking, retail banking, investment banking and depositary services. Its banking activities also include securities trading, foreign exchange operations, precious metals operations, clearing operations and settlement services.

The bank has a distribution network of 43 branches and over 260 banking outlets located throughout the Russian Federation. GPB also has ownership interests in three other Russian banks. In addition Gazprombank is represented in the markets of Belarus and Switzerland through ownership interests in two foreign banks: Belgazprombank (Belarus) and Gazprombank (Switzerland) Ltd. Gazprombank also has representative offices in Mongolia, China and India.


In August 2005, it purchased Gazprom Media, the largest Russian media holding, which includes the NTV channel and Izvestia newspaper, from the bank's parent company Gazprom.

The bank was nominated in 2014 for the annual Emerging Market Bond Awards, hosted by EuroWeek.[4]

In July 2014, the United States Department of Treasury imposed sanctions on Gazprombank OAO that prohibit U.S. persons from providing it with new financing.[5] In response, Gazprombank contracted former U.S. Senator Trent Lott to lobby on its behalf against the sanctions.[6]


As of December 2011:

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List of affiliated persons of Gazprombank (as of December 31, 2011)):[7]

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