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Gates of Heaven
Gates of Heaven
is a 1978 documentary film by Errol Morris
Errol Morris
about the pet cemetery business. It was made when Morris was unknown and did much to launch his career.


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Synopsis[edit] The film, like Morris' other works, is unnarrated and the stories are told purely through interviews. It is divided into two main sections. The first concerns Floyd "Mac" McClure and his lifelong quest to allow pets to have a graceful burial. McClure's business associates and his competitor, a manager of a rendering plant, are interviewed. Eventually the business fails and the 450 animals have to be dug up and transported to the Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park. This operation is run by John "Cal" Harberts and his two sons. This business is far more successful, and continues to operate today, run by Cal's son Dan Harberts.[1] Critical reception[edit] Noted director Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog
pledged that he would eat the shoe he was wearing if Morris' film on this improbable subject was completed and shown in a public theater. When the film was released Herzog lived up to his wager and the consumption of his footwear was made into the short film Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog
Eats His Shoe. Gates of Heaven
Gates of Heaven
launched Morris' career and is now viewed as a classic. In 1991, Roger Ebert named it one of the ten best films ever made.[2] Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
wrote that the film is an "underground legend," and in 1997 put it in his list of The Great Movies.[3] References[edit]

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