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Garmo stave church
Garmo stave church
(Garmo stavkyrkje) is a stave church situated at the Maihaugen
museum at Lillehammer
in Oppland, Norway. Garmo Stave Church at Maihaugen
is one of the most visited stave churches in Norway.[1]


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Description[edit] Garmo stave church
Garmo stave church
originally came from the village of Garmo in Lom in Oppland. It was built circa 1150 on the site of a previous church believed to have been built in 1021 by a Viking chieftain. In 1730, it was expanded into a cruciform church in the timber. [2] After Garmo Church (Garmo kyrkje) was built as the new parish church in 1879, the stave church was demolished and the materials sold at auction. In 1882, the church was sold to Anders Sandvig, who brought it to Lillehammer
in sections. It was re-erected at Maihaugen
in 1920-1921. It is unclear how much of the original materials were used in the reconstruction. The church consists largely of 17th and 18th century inventory. Apart from the claystone baptismal font from the 1100s, all the furnishings in the Garmo stave church
Garmo stave church
come from other churches. The pulpit made in 1738 came from Romsdalen. The altarpiece from 1695 came from Lillehammer. [3] [4] [5] Gallery[edit]

Garmo stavkyrkje – Altar and altarpiece 

Garmo stavkyrkje –Keyholes 

Garmo stavkyrkje – Winter scene 

Garmo stavkyrkje –Pulpit 

See also[edit]

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Related reading[edit]

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Garmo stave church
Garmo stave church
in Stavkirke.org (in Norwegian)

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