Gamma Eta Gamma (ΓΗΓ) is a professional law fraternity and was a member of the Professional Fraternity Association.[1]

Chapters are limited to law schools on the approved list of the American Bar Association.


Conventions called 'Witan's are held biennially, with province conferences held in off years


The founders are Charles Vey Holman, Charles Hickson Reid, Jr. and Harold Dudley Greeley.

Traditions and Insignia

Founders' day is generally held on the anniversary of founding, February 25. However some chapters celebreat the Prandium Cancellari on June 7, which was the date on which the fraternity's first banquet was held in 1901.

The badge is a shield with a lamp, a star and a fasces above the motto and a triangle encloses the letter Π with Γ on both sides and below a balance.


Gamma Eta Gamma was founded on February 25, 1901 at the University of Maine School of Law. But 1976 it had 33 charters and over 7000 initiates. By 2017, there was one remaining active chapters, at the University of Minnesota Law School.

Chapter list


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