Level 1 administrative divisions of Germany, created from GADM data

GADM, the Database of Global Administrative Areas, is a high-resolution database of country administrative areas, with a goal of "all countries, at all levels, at any time period."[1]

The database is available in a few export formats, including shapefiles that are used in most common GIS applications.[2] Files for use with the data analysis language R are also available.

The files allow for data analysis as well as the easy creation of descriptive data plots that include geographical maps.[3][4]

Although it is a public database, GADM has a higher spatial resolution than other free databases,[5] and also higher than commercial software such as ArcGIS.[6]

GADM is not freely available for commercial use. The GADM project created the spatial data for many countries from spatial databases provided by national governments, NGO, and/or from maps and lists of names available on the Internet (e.g. from).

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