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Fu Hong (Chinese: 苻洪, 284–350) originally named Pu Hong (Chinese: 蒲洪), courtesy name Guangshi(Chinese: 廣世), was the father of first emperor of Former Qin, Fu Jiàn. In 350, Fu Hong self-proclaimed to be the Prince of Three Qins (Chinese: 三秦王) receiving a prophecy willed him to become King (Chinese: 草付應王). On the same year, he was poisoned by his subordinate Ma Qiu (麻秋), who was then executed by Fu Jiàn, who took over Fu Hong's army. He was posthumously honored as Emperor Huiwu of (Former) Qin (Chinese: (前)秦惠武帝).[1][2] References[edit]

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Prince of Three Qins House of Fu Born: 317 Died: 355

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New creation Prince of Three Qins 350 Succeeded by Fu Jiàn as P