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, Austrian Empire –1919) was a prominent and wealthy Austrian/German industrialist most notable for his successful business ventures and his enthusiastic support for the völkisch author, pioneer of Germanic mysticism and runic revivalist, Guido von List . He is the father of Friedrich Oskar Wannieck .

He was an Armanist and supporter of List's Armanen runes system. He was also an ardent spiritualist and a firm believer in the Theosophical mahatmas , Morya and Koot Hoomi .


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Friedrich Wannieck
Friedrich Wannieck
in München from the book Deutsch Mythologische Landschaftsbilder by Guido von List

Wannieck founded Friedrich Wannieck
Friedrich Wannieck
"> Friedrich Oskar Wannieck, 6 July 1912, from the book “Guido v. List: Der Wiederentdecker Uralter Arischer Weisheit - Sein Leben und sein Schaffen” by Johannes Balzli

FRIEDRICH OSKAR WANNIECK (died July 6, 1912) was an Austrian/German and the son of Friedrich Wannieck. He, along with his father, were two of the initial signatories creating the Guido-von-List-Gesellschaft in support of their good friend, Guido von List.

He was an Armanist and supporter of the Armanen runes system.


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Friedrich Wannieck
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Friedrich Wannieck
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