Fried eggplant is featured in dishes of many different cuisines.

Regional varieties


In Spanish cuisine, this dish takes the form of a tapa. In the province of Córdoba it is usually made with honey.


Fried eggplant ( tr|Patlıcan kızartma or ) is found in Turkish cuisine. It is such a common dish during summer months that this season used to be called (fried eggplant months) in Ottoman Istanbul, where this generalized frying caused huge fires and destroyed entire mahalles due to the abundance of old wooden houses. The dish is usually eaten with a garlic yogurt or tomato sauce. File:Karışık Kızartma.jpg|Patlıcan kızartma being prepared for service within a ''karışık'' (mixed) kızartma tray

Middle East

In Arab and Israeli cuisines, fried eggplant is typically served with a tahini sauce. In Israel, it is used to make sabich: a popular sandwich of fried eggplant and hard boiled egg in a pita.Hybrid Power: The Iraqi-Israeli Sabich

South Asia

In India, fried eggplant is also known as ‘Brinjal phodi‘ or ‘Vangyache kaap‘ in the Konkani language. It is shallow fried eggplant slices. Typically, this recipe is a Konkani and Maharashtrian dish. It is very much similar to Begun bhaja recipe from Bengali cuisine.

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