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Frederick Robertson Macaulay (August 12, 1882 – March 1970) was a
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of the Institutionalist School. He is known for introducing the concept of
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. Macaulay's contributions also include a mammoth empirical study of the time series behavior of interest rates published in 1938 and a study of short selling on the
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(Macaulay and Durand, 1951). The term "Macaulay duration" is named after him. Macaulay was born in Montreal to a family influential in Montreal business; his father, Thomas Bassett Macaulay, was a well-known actuary

He obtained his bachelor's and master's degrees from the
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in 1909 and 1920, respectively. He also obtained a law degree in 1911. In 1924, he obtained a PhD from
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. Macaulay worked at the
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from 1921 until 1938. He also taught at the New School of Social Research. In 1923 he was elected as a
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of the
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.List of ASA Fellows
, retrieved 2016-07-16. In 1938, Macaulay became research director of the Twentieth Century Fund.

Selected writings

*Macaulay, F. (1910). ''Money, credit and the price of securities'', University of Colorado. * * *Macaulay, F. (1938). ''The Movements of Interest Rates. Bond Yields and Stock Prices in the United States since 1856'', New York: National Bureau of Economic Research. *Macaulay, F. and Durand D. (1951). ''Short selling on the New York Stock Exchange'', New York: Twentieth Century Fund. *


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