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Frederic Waller (1886 – May 18, 1954) was an American inventor and film pioneer. He is most known for his contributions to film special effects while working at Paramount Pictures, for his creation of the Waller Flexible Gunnery Trainer,[2] and for inventing Cinerama,[3] the immersive experience of a curved film screen that extends to the viewer's peripheral vision for which he received an Academy Award. Waller, a snow skiing and boating enthusiast, is also credited with obtaining the first patent for a water ski.[4] He produced and directed 200 one-reel shorts for Paramount, including Cab Calloway's Hi-De-Ho and Duke Ellington's Symphony in Black. He patented several pieces of photographic equipment, including a camera that could take a 360-degree still photo. As the special projects director for the 1939 New York World's Fair, he collaborated on the fair centerpiece attraction called the Perisphere, the Eastman Kodak Hall of Color, and he developed the Time and Space Building to showcase his creation, Vitarama the precursor to Cinerama.[5]


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Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers Progress Medal (1953)[6] Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Scientific or Technical Award (1954)


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