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Fred Malatesta
Fred Malatesta
(April 18, 1889 – April 8, 1952) was an American film actor.[1] He appeared in 118 films between 1915 and 1941. He was born in Naples, Italy, and died in Burbank, California. Partial filmography[edit]

Sherlock Holmes (1916) The Legion of Death
The Legion of Death
(1918) The Border Raiders (1918) The Greatest Thing in Life
The Greatest Thing in Life
(1918) Terror of the Range
Terror of the Range
(1919) The Devil's Trail
The Devil's Trail
(1919) The Four-Flusher
The Four-Flusher
(1919) Big Happiness
Big Happiness
(1920) The Sins of Rosanne
The Sins of Rosanne
(1920) Risky Business (1920) Little Lord Fauntleroy (1921) White Shoulders (1922) The Night Hawk (1924) Broadway or Bust (1924) The Reckless Age (1924) Forbidden Paradise
Forbidden Paradise
(1924) Madame Mystery
Madame Mystery
(1926) Long Fliv the King
Long Fliv the King
(1926) Bardelys the Magnificent
Bardelys the Magnificent
(1926) Get 'Em Young (1926) Eve's Love Letters (1927) The Peacock Fan (1929) The Black Book (1929) Caught Cheating
Caught Cheating
(1931) Possessed (1931) Beer and Pretzels (1933) The Crusades (1935) Fighting Shadows (1935) Modern Times (1936) Port of Seven Seas
Port of Seven Seas
(1938) Road to Singapore
Road to Singapore


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