Francesco Cirofici (1887 – April 13, 1914) aka Frank Murato aka Dago Frank was an Italian-American criminal and gangster, who, along with Harry Horowitz, was responsible for the July 16, 1912 murder of gambler Herman Rosenthal outside the Hotel Metropole.

Early life

Francesco Cirofici was born in 1887 in Italy. He worked as a steam fitter as well as being a member of the Lenox Avenue Gang. Before his arrest in connection with the Rosenthal killing, he had been arrested only once. In 1905, he was imprisoned on a burglary charge in the Elmira Correctional Facility. In 1907, Cirofici's name appeared on a list released by the NYPD of gamblers known to make a practice of cheating steamship passengers.

Arrest and trial

Cirofici was arrested in connection with the Rosenthal murder on July 25, 1912. It was rumored that Cirofici had been betrayed to the police by the owner of the Dante Café, James Verrella. Verrella was murdered on July 30, 1912 in retaliation for his supposed betrayal. Cirofici was convicted of the Rosenthal killing after 25 minutes of jury deliberation on November 19, 1912. He was sentenced to death on November 26, 1912 for the Rosenthal killing along with Charles Becker, Harry Horowitz, and "Lefty Louis Rosenberg" by Judge John W. Goff. The four gunmen appealed their conviction, but Cirofici's guilty verdict, along with the verdicts of Horowitz and Rosenberg, were affirmed on February 25, 1914, with Becker winning a new trial. In March 1914, Cirofici's sister, Mary Cirofici, collected signatures for an appeal for clemency to New York State Governor Martin H. Glynn. Glynn denied the appeal on April 7, 1914. On April 10, 1914, Cirofici's lawyers submitted five affidavits from five alibi witnesses. Two days later, on April 12, 1914, Cirofici's mother and sister attempted to see Glynn to beg for clemency. Glynn refused to allow them into his office and stated it would not be fair as he had not seen the mothers of any of the other men convicted. Cirofici reportedly confessed his guilt in the killing 2 hours before he was executed in the electric chair in Sing Sing Prison on April 13, 1914, despite warden James M. Clancy's attempt to grant him a temporary reprieve to allow Glynn to evaluate Cirofici's confession.



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