The Info List - Foundation Of Martyrs And Veterans Affairs

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The Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans (Persian: بنیاد شهید و امور ایثارگران‎), Affairs is an Iranian foundation that receives its funding directly from the national budget. Mohammad-Ali Shahidi
Mohammad-Ali Shahidi
is the current director of the organization. The Foundation gives home loans to Disabled Veterans and the families of the martyrs. It has reportedly loaned 120 million rials to urban families and 150 million rials to rural families.[1] The Foundation is also involved in numerous economic endeavors, much like the Mostazafen Foundation of Islamic Revolution.[2] Economic activity[edit] See also: Economy of Iran
Economy of Iran
and Economic activity of the IRGC The Foundations economic activity includes participation in a joint venture with the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization and Iran Electronics Industries' Defense Ministry subsidiary, the Iran Electronic Development Company. In March 2004, this company was part of a consortium that won a mobile-phone license from the Iranian government, but the deal fell through because of political objections. See also[edit]

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