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BEIQI FOTON MOTOR CO., LTD. (FOTON MOTOR or FOTON) is a Chinese company which designs and manufactures trucks, buses, sport utility vehicles and agricultural machinery. It is headquartered in Changping , Beijing
and is a subsidiary of BAIC Group .

Foton makes commercial trucks in a joint venture with Daimler AG
Daimler AG
, called Beijing
Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd., which sells its products under the "Auman" brand name .


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Founded on August 28, 1996, Foton manufactures light and heavy-duty trucks , agricultural tractors , and various other machinery.

In addition to the heavier trucks, Foton also builds a copy of the Toyota Hiace
Toyota Hiace
H100 , called the "Foton View" or "Foton Alpha".

In March 2006 Foton and Cummins Inc. announced the creation of a 50:50 joint venture company, Beijing
Foton Cummins Engine Company (BFCEC), to produce light-duty diesel engines, of 2.8 and 3.8 liter displacement.

In January 2009 Foton and Daimler AG
Daimler AG
agreed to form a 50-50 joint venture for the production of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in China, with an initial investment of 6.35 billion yuan. Creation of the venture received the approval of the Chinese government in July 2010.

In October 2009 Foton agreed to form a joint venture to develop and produce vehicle batteries with Pulead Technology Industry Co.

In July 2010 Foton announced the establishment of a European headquarters in Moscow, Russia.

Foton established a sales company in India in April 2011.

Foton will build an assembly plant in Colombia
, in order to participate in the growing Latin American market for light commercial vehicles. The company also plans to build a plant in Western Maharashtra , India.

Foton has announced a bus factory in Brazil in the state of Bahia, as part of their globalization plan. Foton has held a press conference in 2015, previewing the Sauvana while announcing news to bring the brand to the United States.


Foton is headquartered in Changping District , Beijing
. Foton's business units are seen in cities and provinces such as Beijing, Tianjin
, Shandong , Hebei , Hunan , Hubei
, Liaoning , and Guangdong . Its R Original name:新干线欧V) * Foton AUV panoramic Unlimited (since 2003; Original name:全景无限) * Foton AUV Pioneer Europe (since 1998; Original name:欧V先锋)Brand name


A Foton Auman on display at Speyer Technology Museum

Foton Auman

* Foton Auman Jones (since 2003, under license of Mercedes-Benz trucks; Original name:欧曼奇兵) * Foton Auman Lion (since 2003, under license of Mercedes-Benz trucks; Original name:欧曼雄狮) * Foton Auman Kunlun Mountains (since 2003, under license of Mercedes-Benz trucks; Original name:欧曼昆仑) * Foton Auman Shenzhou (since 2003, under license of Mercedes-Benz trucks; Original name:欧曼神舟) * Foton Auman H4 (since 2011)

Foton Aumark (欧马可)

* Foton Aumark (since 2005, Original name:欧马可)

Foton Forland (时代汽车)

* Foton Forland (Since 2006, Original name:时代轻卡) * Foton Forland King Kong (since 1998 under license of a South American VW trucks; Original name:时代金刚) * Foton Forland Ruiwo (since 1998 under license of a South American VW trucks; Original name:瑞沃)

Foton Ollin (奥铃)

* Foton Ollin Beyond (since 2005, Original name:奥铃超越) * Foton Ollin MRI (since 2005, Original name:奥铃捷运)


Foton MP-X (MP-X蒙派克)

* Foton MP-X Parker Mongolia (since 2005; Original name: MP-X蒙派克)

A Foton View

Foton View (福田风景)

* Foton View Express (since 2001 under license of the Toyota Hiace
Toyota Hiace
, Original name:风景快运) * Foton View Express Passenger (since 2000 under license of the Toyota Hiace, Original name:风景快客) * Foton View Ireland Act (since 1999 under license of the Toyota Hiace, Original name:风景爱尔法)

Foton Gratour (北汽福田福田)

* Foton Gratour ix5 (1501cc;since 2016) * Foton Gratour ix7 (1507cc;since 2016)


Foton Toano Foton CS2


* Foton Saga (since 2004 under license of DangDong -terrain vehicle; Original name:福田传奇) * Foton SUP (since 2004 Sport SUV based on the Saga; Original name:萨普) * Foton Sauvana (also known as Foton Toplander)


* Foton Tunland


Foton Motor
Foton Motor
sold a total of 640,400 vehicles in 2011.


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