Football in Brunei


The sport of football (soccer), football in the country of Brunei is run by the Football Association of Brunei Darussalam. The association administers the Brunei national football team, national team as well as the Brunei Super League. Football clubs must adhere to AFC's Club Development Licensing System in order to participate in the top two leagues (Brunei Super League, DST Super League, Brunei Premier League, DST Premier League) as well as cup competitions.

FIFA Goal Project

In 2005, the Association had their first goal project approved; the construction of the association headquarters in Bandar Seri Begawan. The total cost was approximately 1.5 million USD. A second goal project was approved in 2013, which was the installation of an artificial turf pitch and a natural pitch at the headquarters. The total cost was about 185,000 USD.

FIFA Forward Project

In 2020, the football association applied to FIFA for the construction of a Technical Centre and Mini Grandstand which was approved in April 2021. The construction started in June and is expected to finish at the end of the year.


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