The Info List - Fonualei (volcano)

Fonualei is an uninhabited 5 km2 volcanic island close to Vavaʻu
in the kingdom of Tonga. It was seen by Don Francisco Mourelle de la Rua on the La Princesa on 26 February 1781.[2] He reported the island to be barren from eruptions, and called it for that reason Amargura (Bitterness in Spanish). A major eruption in 1846, starting 11 June, destroyed much of the vegetation of Vavaʻu
and spread ash around for at least a year. Some sources claim that three other neighbouring volcanoes, Late, Tokū and another, erupted at the same time. This is probably a mistake by passing ships who misidentified the erupting island. The closest island to Fonualei is Tokū 19.7 km to the southeast. See also[edit]

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