The flag of Samoa ( Samoan: ''fu‘a o Sāmoa'') was first adopted from February 24, 1949 for UN Trusteeships, and continuously applied for the state's independence on January 1, 1962. It consists of a red field with a blue rectangle in the canton. The blue rectangle bears the constellation
Southern Cross
Southern Cross
: four large white stars and one smaller star.

Historical flags

Prior to the
First World War World War I or the First World War, often abbreviated as WWI or WW1, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. Contemporaneously known as the Great War or "The war to end war, the war ...
, Samoa was a
colony In political science, a colony is a territory subject to a form of foreign rule. Though dominated by the foreign colonizers, colonies remain separate from the administration of the original country of the colonizers, the metropolitan state ( ...
of the
German Empire The German Empire or the Imperial State of Germany,, officially '.Herbert Tuttle wrote in September 1881 that the term "Reich" does not literally connote an empire as has been commonly assumed by English-speaking people. The term "'" literally d ...
. German colonies used the flag of the Imperial Colonial Office, a black-white-red tricolour defaced with the
Imperial Eagle
Imperial Eagle
. The Imperial German government intended to introduce specific flags for the colonies (also based on the tricolour) and several proposals were created, but the war and the subsequent loss of all overseas territories prevented their official adoption.
New Zealand New Zealand ( mi, Aotearoa ) is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses—the North Island () and the South Island ()—and more than 700 List of islands of New Zealand, smaller islands, coveri ...
occupied German Samoa in 1914 and officially gained control of the territory in 1919. From the capture by New Zealand forces on August 29, 1914, a defaced ensign with three palm trees encircled, and emblazoned on the fly were used. The defaced Blue Ensign was used by vessels owned by the mandate government, or those operated in the government service, while the defaced Red Ensign was used by locally registered civilian ships. File:Flag_of_Samoa_(1858-1873)_as_reported_in_the_Flags_of_Paradise_chart.svg, Flag of the Kingdom of Samoa as depicted in the Flags of Paradise chart, similar to the Ottoman flag (1858-1873) File:Flag_of_Samoa_(1879).svg, Flag of the Malietoa dynasty in the Kingdom of Samoa (1875-1887, 1889–1900) File:Flag_of_Tuiaana_line_1873-1887_1889-1900.svg, Flag of the Tuiaana dynasty in the Kingdom of Samoa (1875-1887, 1889–1900) File:Flag_of_Tupua_Tamasesse_1887-1889.svg, Flag of the Tupua Tamasesse in the Kingdom of Samoa (1887-1889) File:Reichskolonialflagge.svg, Flag of the German Colonial Office. File:Flaggenhissung Samoa.jpg, The German colonial flag is raised, March 1, 1900. File:Flag of Deutsch-Samoa.svg, First proposal for German Samoa's flag, never adopted. File:Occupation of German-Samoa 1914.jpg, Hoisting of the Union Jack, August 30, 1914. File:Flag of New Zealand.svg, The flag of New Zealand was used during the control of New Zealand Army, NZ-forces (1914–1920) File:Flag of the Samoa Trust Territory.svg, Official Blue Ensign of Western Samoa Trust Territory, Western Samoa under League of Nations Mandate, Mandate with UK (December 17, 1920 – January 1, 1962) File:Flag of Samoa (1948-1949).svg, Initial flag of Western Samoa acquired but not approved (26 May 1948). File:Flag_of_Samoa.svg, Flag of Western Samoa under United Nations Trust Territory, Trusteeships with New Zealand, NZ (24 February 1949 – 1 January 1962)

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