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is a genus of extinct plants in the family Droseraceae. Several species have been formally described and another has been temporarily designated Fischeripollis
sp. A.[1] F. halensis was described based on fossilised pollen from sediments in the Hale Basin of central Australia, dated to the middle-late Eocene (48 to 34 million years ago).[2] F. krutschei was discovered in Saxony, Germany. F. undulatus was also native to Europe. References[edit]

^ Macphail, M.K. & E.M. Truswell 2003. "3. Palynology of Site 1166, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica" (PDF).  (3.10 MiB) Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results 188. ^ Truswell, E.M. & N.G. Marchant 1986. Early Tertiary pollen of probable Droseracean affinity from central Australia. Spec. Pap.—Palaeontol. 35: 163-178.

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Carnivorous genera († extinct)

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