First or 1st is the ordinal form of the number one (#1). First or 1st may also refer to: *World record, specifically the first instance of a particular achievement

Arts and media


* 1$T, American rapper, singer-songwriter, DJ, and record producer


* ''1st'' (album), a 1983 album by Streets * ''1st'' (Rasmus EP), a 1995 EP by The Rasmus, frequently identified as a single * ''1ST'', a 2021 album by SixTones * ''First'' (Baroness EP), an EP by Baroness * ''First'' (Ferlyn G EP), an EP by Ferlyn G * ''First'' (David Gates album), an album by David Gates * ''First'' (O'Bryan album), an album by O'Bryan * ''First'' (Raymond Lam album), an album by Raymond Lam * ''First'', an album by Denise Ho


* "First" (Cold War Kids song), a song by Cold War Kids * "First" (Lindsay Lohan song), a song by Lindsay Lohan * "First", a song by Lauren Daigle * "First", a song by Jonas Brothers

Other media

* ''First'' (magazine), a Singaporean movie magazine


* First grade, in primary education * First, a British undergraduate degree classification


* First (Grindelwald), a minor summit below the Schwarzhorn in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland * First (Kandersteg), a mountain in Bernese Alps in Switzerland

Science and technology

* First (communications), principles of communications * Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-Centimeters ("FIRST"), a radio survey * FIRST, Far Infrared and Sub-millimetre Telescope, a previous name for Herschel Space Observatory * For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), a worldwide youth robotics competition * First light, a milestone in telescope commissioning

Other uses

* Front-runner, or the position of ''first'' * FirstGroup, a British transportation company operating buses, trains, coaches and trams * First Racing, a former racing team

See also

* FST (disambiguation) * * * * * Book:FIRST * * Ist (disambiguation) * One (disambiguation) * The First (disambiguation) * La 1ère (disambiguation) (french: La Première||The First), "Première" * Premiere (disambiguation), first * Proto-, an English prefix meaning "first" {{disambiguation|geo