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Financial Supervisory Authority ( sv, Finansinspektionen, FI) is the Swedish government agency responsible for
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. It is responsible for the oversight, regulation and authorisation of
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s and their participants. The agency falls under the Swedish
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and regulates all organisations that provide financial services in Sweden.official website


FI was formed 1991 to create a single integrated Regulatory agency, regulator covering banking, Security (finance), securities, and insurance in Sweden. This was done with the merging of the former banking and insurance supervisory bodies, the Bank Inspectorate ( sv, Bankinspektionen) and the Insurance Supervision Authority ( sv, Försäkringsinspektionen).


FI's primary responsibility is market stability and the monitoring of financial markets and participants. It also has a responsibility to provide consumer protection in relation to financial products. One of its tasks is monitoring for instability that will negatively affect the Swedish financial system. If it believes that this is the case it has a duty to report that to the Government of Sweden, Swedish government who are responsible for taking any action. The authority has three main activities: * Issue of permits to companies that wish to provide financial services * Designing rules and regulations for financial activities * Supervision of these rules and the performance of risk assessments

Organisation structure

FI is a Swedish government central administrative authority that falls under the Ministry of Finance (Sweden), Swedish Ministry of Finance. It is run by an eight-member board which is appointed by the government. This includes the head of the agency, the Director General. Erik Thedéen became the Director General in October 2015.

Directors General

* From 15 January 2009: Martin Andersson * June 2008 – 14 January 2009: Eric Saers (Acting Director General) * 2003 – May 2008: Ingrid Bonde * 1993–2002: Claes Norgren * 1991–1993: Anders Sahlén

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