Fier County (Albanian: Qarku Fier), officially the County of Fier (Albanian: Qarku i Fierit), is a county in the Southern Region of the Republic of Albania. It is the eighth largest by area and the third most populous of the twelve counties, with more than 289,000 people within an area of 1,890 km2 (730 sq mi). The county borders on the Adriatic Sea to the west, the counties of Tirana to the north, Elbasan to the northeast, Berat to the east and Vlorë to the south. It is divided into six municipalities, Fier, Divjakë, Lushnjë, Mallakastër, Patos and Roskovec, with all of whom incorporate forty-two administrative units.

Fier, Lushnjë, and Mallakastër.[1] Before 2015, it consisted of the following 42 municipalities:


According to the last national census from 2011 this county has 310,331 inhabitants. Ethnic groups in the county include:[2]