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Fenmao (Chinese: 蚡冒, died 741 BC) was from 757 to 741 BC the monarch of the state of Chu during the early Spring and Autumn period of ancient China. He was born Xiong Xuan (Chinese: 熊眴) and Fenmao was his posthumous title.[1] Like other early Chu rulers, Fenmao held the hereditary noble rank of viscount that was first granted to his ancestor Xiong Yi by King Cheng of Zhou.[1] Fenmao succeeded his father Xiao'ao, who died in 758 BC. He was succeeded by King Wu of Chu, the first Chu ruler to declare himself king.[1] References[edit]

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Fenmao House of Mi  Died: 741 BC

Regnal titles

Preceded by Xiao'ao Viscount of Chu 757–741 BC Succeeded by King Wu of Chu

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Monarchs of Chu

Early rulers

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