Felipe is the Spanish variant of the name Philip, which derives from the Greek adjective ''Philippos'' "friend of horses". Felipe is also widely used in Portuguese-speaking Brazil alongside Filipe, the form commonly used in Portugal. Noteworthy people with this name include:


* Felipe Calderón, former President of Mexico * Felipe I of Spain * Felipe II of Spain * Felipe III of Spain * Felipe IV of Spain * Felipe V of Spain * Felipe VI of Spain, King of Spain * Felipe de Marichalar y Borbón, nephew of the Spanish king * Felipe Herrera, Chilean economist * FELIPE may refer to the Popular Liberation Front in Spain


* Felipe Alou (born 1935), Dominican baseball player and manager * Felipe Contepomi (born 1977), Argentine rugby union player * Felipe Drugovich (born 2000), Brazilian racing driver * Felipe Franco, Brazilian water polo player * Felipe Kitadai (born 1989), Brazilian Olympic medalist judoka * Felipe Massa (born 1981), Brazilian Formula E driver * Felipe Muñoz, Mexican breaststroke swimmer * Felipe Nasr, Brazilian former Formula One driver * Felipe Reyes, Spanish basketball player * Felipe Vázquez, Venezuelan baseball player * Felipe Santos (disambiguation), multiple sportsmen Football * Luiz Felipe Scolari, Brazilian football manager * Felipe (footballer, born 1989), known as Felipe, Brazilian footballer * Felipe Melo, Brazilian footballer * Felipe de Souza Campos, Brazilian footballer * Felipe Félix, Brazilian footballer * Felipe Henrique Jose dos Santos (born 1993), known as Felipe, Brazilian footballer * Felipe Mattioni (born 1988), Brazilian footballer * Felipe (footballer, born February 1984), Brazilian footballer * Felipe Jorge Loureiro, Brazilian footballer * Felipe Campanholi Martins (born 1990), commonly known as Felipe, Brazilian footballer * Felipe (footballer, born July 1984) (born 1984), commonly known as Felipe, Brazilian footballer * Filipe Luís, Brazilian footballer * Felipe Peralta (born 1962), Paraguayan footballer * Felipe Caicedo, Ecuadorian footballer * Felipe Guréndez (born 1975), known as Felipe, Spanish footballer


*Felipe, a hostile scarlet macaw who is the leader of his own tribe in ''Rio 2'' *Felipe Gómez, a character on the American television sitcom ''Three's Company'' *Felipe, a screwdriver in ''Handy Manny''


* Convento de San Felipe el Real (Madrid) * Felipe Espinosa (1836–1863), Mexican-American murderer * Felipe López (disambiguation) * Felipe (or Felipillo), a native Peruvian who accompanied Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro on their various expeditions to Peru as an interpreter {{given name Category:Portuguese masculine given names Category:Spanish masculine given names