thumb|Portal of the Court Building The Federal Administrative Court (''Bundesverwaltungsgericht'') is one of the five federal supreme courts of Germany. It is the court of the last resort for generally all cases of administrative law, mainly disputes between citizens and the state. It hears appeals from the ''Oberverwaltungsgerichte'', or Superior Administrative Courts, which, in turn, are the courts of appeals for decisions of the ''Verwaltungsgerichte'' (administrative courts). However, cases concerning social security law belong to the jurisdiction of the ''Sozialgerichte'' (Social Courts) with the Bundessozialgericht as federal court of appeals, and cases of tax and customs law are decided by the ''Finanzgerichte'' (Finance Courts), and, ultimately, by the Bundesfinanzhof. The ''Bundesverwaltungsgericht'' has its seat at the former Reichsgericht (Imperial Court of Justice) building in Leipzig.

Previous judges

*Everhardt Franßen, 1991–2002

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