The Info List - Fatick Region

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FATICK is the southwest region of the northern outcrop of Senegal
. Its alternative name is Jinnak Bolon. The region is named for its capital city, Fatick .


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Main articles: Serer ancient history , Timeline of Serer history , Serer religion , and Serer creation myth

The area is rich with Serer ancient and medieval history . Many of the ancient Serer sites are found within this region. It is also one of the holy places in the Serer religion . The Xoy Ceremony (or Khoy), a divination festival by the Serer priestly class (the Saltigues ) is held within this region once a year. The population is overrun by the Serer people . Historically, it was part of the Serer pre-colonial Kingdom of Sine . In 1859, the Battle of Logandème took place within this region. It was a battle of resistance by the Siin-Siin ( Serer people of Sine) against French colonialism . It is called in some French scholarly works as the Battle of Fatick.


Fatick region is divided into 3 departments :