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is a town in Senegal, located between M'bour
and Kaolack
and inhabited by the Serer people. Its 2005 population was estimated at 24,243.[1] It is the capital of the Fatick


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History[edit] Main articles: Serer ancient history
Serer ancient history
and Serer religion The city has several ancient sites classified as historical monuments and added to the World heritage
World heritage
list.[2] There is also the site of Mind Ngo Mindiss where libations and offerings are made, located in the Sine River. These holy sites including Ndiobaye where traditional ceremonies takes place; Ndeb Jab, which houses a sacred tree at Ndiaye-Ndiaye etc., are all sacred places in Serer religion. The Xoy ceremony (or Khoy) performed by the Serer high priests and priestesses (the Saltigues) takes place at Fatick
once a year.[3] Administration[edit] It is the capital of the Fatick Region
Fatick Region
and the Fatick
Department. Geography[edit] The nearest towns are Nerane, Pourham, Mbirk Pourham and Tok. Dakar, the capital of Senegal
is located 155 km away.[4] Climate[edit] Under Köppen-Geiger climate classification system, it has a hot semi-arid climate (BSh).

Climate data for Fatick

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year

Average high °C (°F) 32.7 (90.9) 34.5 (94.1) 36.5 (97.7) 37 (99) 37.1 (98.8) 35.8 (96.4) 33.4 (92.1) 32.1 (89.8) 32.5 (90.5) 34.6 (94.3) 35.4 (95.7) 32.8 (91) 34.53 (94.19)

Daily mean °C (°F) 23.7 (74.7) 25 (77) 27 (81) 27.8 (82) 28.6 (83.5) 29.2 (84.6) 28.3 (82.9) 27.4 (81.3) 27.5 (81.5) 28.1 (82.6) 27 (81) 24.3 (75.7) 26.99 (80.65)

Average low °C (°F) 14.8 (58.6) 15.6 (60.1) 17.5 (63.5) 18.6 (65.5) 20.2 (68.4) 22.6 (72.7) 23.2 (73.8) 22.8 (73) 22.6 (72.7) 21.7 (71.1) 18.7 (65.7) 15.8 (60.4) 19.51 (67.13)

Average precipitation mm (inches) 1 (0.04) 0 (0) 0 (0) 0 (0) 1 (0.04) 36 (1.42) 123 (4.84) 223 (8.78) 180 (7.09) 44 (1.73) 2 (0.08) 1 (0.04) 611 (24.06)

Source: Climate-Data.org (altitude: 7m)[5]

Population[edit] In the censuses of 1988 and 2002, the estimate population figures were 18,416 and 23,149 respectively. In 2007, according to official estimates, the population was 24,855. Economy[edit] Since the peanut trade is losing momentum, salt marshes are the main local resource. Notable people from Fatick[edit]

Macky Sall, former Prime Minister and current President of Senegal Chérif Ousmane Sarr, footballer Alioune Badara M'Bengue, politician

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