Fangliao (Chinese: 枋寮車站; pinyin: Fāngliáo Chēzhàn) is a railway station of the Taiwan Railways Administration at the junction of the Pingtung line and the South-link line. It is located in Fangliao Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan.


The station has two island platforms. It is a class three station.


  • 15 December 1941: The station opened as a terminal station of the West Coast line.
  • August 1943: The section between Linjian and Fangliao was removed due to war.
  • 16 January 1953: A new station opened.
  • 16 December 1991: The South-link line (which extends from this station) opens with a ceremony at the station.
  • 15 January 1992: The South-link line opens for temporary service.
  • 5 October 1992: The South-link line fully opens for service, thus completing a complete rail network loop around Taiwan.

Around the station

  • Fangliao Township downtown
  • Fangliao F3 Art District
  • Fangliao Township Office
  • Fangliao Fishing Area
  • Pingtung County Police Department, Fangliao Branch
  • Fangliao High School
  • Bus transfer stations

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Coordinates: 22°22′06″N 120°35′42″E / 22.36833°N 120.59500°E / 22.36833; 120.59500