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Evelyn Einstein (28 March 1941 – 13 April 2011) was the adopted daughter of Hans Albert Einstein, the son of Albert Einstein.


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Biography[edit] Einstein was born in Chicago; after her birth she was adopted by Hans Albert Einstein. Towards the end of her life, she recounted that as a child she was told she was an illegitimate daughter of Albert Einstein and a ballet dancer; however, she had no documentation supporting this claim.[1] She obtained a Master's degree in Medieval literature
Medieval literature
at University of California, Berkeley. She was married to Grover Krantz for 13 years from 1964 to about 1977. She then worked briefly as an animal control officer, as a cult deprogrammer, and as a Berkeley, California, reserve police officer. As an 18-year-old college student in 1960, Einstein was the only[2] person with a recognized name among the dozens of people arrested in San Francisco at a peaceful protest against the House Un-American Activities Committee.[3] After her divorce, which left her impoverished, she lived with her adopted father briefly until his death.[1] Homeless, she slept in cars and scrounged for discarded food and described herself as a dumpster-diver for three months.[4] After which, she lived with three other women in Berkeley. Evelyn told CNN she was outraged she had not received a dime out of the millions of dollars earned annually from her grandfather's likeness, with all profits going to Hebrew University of Jerusalem. While Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
bequeathed the literary rights for the more than 75,000 papers and other items in his estate, Evelyn asked "What does a bobblehead have to do with a literary estate?" adding "It's hard for me to believe they would treat the family the way they have, which has been abysmally."[5] In 1996 she joined a family suit with the trustee in charge of a collection of correspondence between Albert and Mileva Einstein, a suit that was settled privately. This collection was found, in part, because of a letter she found and mistakenly attributed to her grandfather instead of her mother (but led to a deposit box no one knew).[1] Weeks before her death, her friend, Allen P. Wilkinson began to write her memoirs.[1] Publications[edit]

With Marfe Ferguson Delano: Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein. National Geographic Children's Books, 2005, ISBN 0-7922-9544-7. Introduction of: Alice Calaprice (editor); Robert Schulmann (contributor). Dear Professor Einstein: Albert Einstein's Letters to and from Children. Prometheus Books, 2002. ISBN 978-1591020158


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Albert Einstein
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Albert Einstein
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Evelyn Einstein Memorial. With contributions of Evamaria Erdpohl, Elizabeth Migliore, Robert Schulmann, Jon Ruth, Jerry Richard, Kennan Kellaris Salinero, George Klein, Ada Rusinek Klein and Allen P. Wilkinson. Relics: Einstein's Brain, Part 4 on YouTube
with Evelyn Einstein, BBC, 1994 (she is interviewed at her home by the Japanese professor Kenji Sugimoto) Evelyn Einstein, Albert's granddaughter 50 yrs after @ HUAC protest on Flickr

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