__NOTOC__ Etruscan may refer to:

Ancient civilisation

*The Etruscan language, an extinct language in ancient Italy *Something derived from or related to the Etruscan civilization **Etruscan architecture **Etruscan art **Etruscan cities **Etruscan coins **Etruscan history **Etruscan mythology **Etruscan numerals **Etruscan origins **Etruscan society **Etruscan terracotta warriors

Biological taxa

* Etruscan bear (''Ursus etruscus''), a prehistoric ancestor of the brown bear *Etruscan honeysuckle (''Lonicera etrusca'') *Etruscan shrew (''Suncus etruscus''), the world's smallest mammal by mass

Other uses

*''The Etruscan'', a novel *Etruscan Press, a publisher *Etruscan Resources, a mining company

See also

*Etrurian (disambiguation) *Toscano (disambiguation) *Tuscan (disambiguation) *Tuscany (disambiguation) {{disambiguation Category:Language and nationality disambiguation pages