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Erwinia psidii is a Gram-negative
bacterium and a phytopathogen of the common guava (Psidium guajava), causing rot in branches, flowers and fruits. Recently,[1] it was demonstrated that this species produces two acyl-homoserine lactones (S-(-)-N-hexanoyl- and N-heptanoyl-homoserine lactone), widely recognized bacterial quorum sensing signaling substances, and employed in bacterial cell-to-cell communication systems. References[edit]

^ Pomini AM; Manfio GP; Araújo WL; Marsaioli AJ. (2005). "Acyl-homoserine lactones from Erwinia psidii R. IBSBF 435T, a guava phytopathogen ( Psidium guajava
Psidium guajava
L.)". Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 53 (16): 6262–6265. doi:10.1021/jf050586e. PMID 16076103. 

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Type strain of Erwinia psidii at BacDive
- the Bacterial Diversity Metadatabase

Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q5396222 BacDive: 4397 EoL: 972694 EPPO: ERWIPS GBIF: 3222004 ITIS: 961528 NCBI: 69224 NZOR: ece16922-371b-4d83-8117-0b76b7de5f85

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