Ershui Station (Chinese: 二水車站; Hanyu Pinyin: Èrshuǐ Chēzhàn; Tongyong Pinyin: Èrshuěi Chejhàn) is a railway station of the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) West Coast line located in Ershui, Changhua County, Taiwan. It is also the western terminus of the Jiji line.[1]


Ershui Station was opened on 15 January 1905 as Erbashuei Station (二八水驛), and adopted its current name on 10 January 1920. The current station building was opened in 1935.


There is one side platform and one island platform.

Nearby stations

Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA)
Tianzhong <-- West Coast line --> Linnei
Jiji line --> Yuanquan

Around the station

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Coordinates: 23°48′47.5″N 120°37′6.3″E / 23.813194°N 120.618417°E / 23.813194; 120.618417