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Telephones Limited[1] (ETL) was a British telephone equipment manufacturer based in Beeston. The company was founded as British L. M. Ericsson
Manufacturing Co. Ltd. in 1903 as a joint-venture between the National Telephone Company (NTC) and L. M. Ericsson
of Sweden (Telefonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson). The National Telephone Company
National Telephone Company
had established a factory in Beeston in 1901, and from 1903 this became ETL's manufacturing site. After the National Telephone Company's operations were taken over by the General Post Office
General Post Office
in 1912, the company became solely owned by Ericsson. It was renamed to Ericsson
Telephones Limited in 1926. In 1948, ETL become completely independent of L. M. Ericsson. L. M. Ericsson
then formed the Swedish Ericsson
Company Limited[2] to maintain a trading presence in the UK (for overseas sales, for example to the Commonwealth,[3] although in 1948 L. M. Ericsson
agreed with ETL not manufacture in the UK for 20 years,[3] and sold its ETL shares.[3] ETL remained an independent company until 1961, when it was acquired by Plessey
and ceased to exist as a separate brand. References[edit]

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