Erasmus Smith's Professor of Modern History is a chair in history at Trinity College Dublin. It was founded in 1762 and funded by the Erasmus Smith Trust, which was established by Erasmus Smith, who lived 1611–1691. One of its first incumbents was the celebrated J. B. Bury (1861-1927), author of ''History of the Roman Empire'' (1893), ''The Life of St. Patrick and his place in History'' (1905) and ''A History of Freedom of Thought'' (1914). The current occupant of the Erasmus Smith’s chair is Professor Jane Ohlmeyer, a historian of the seventeenth-century Irish nobility.

List of the professors

* James William Barlow (1860-1893) * J. B. Bury (1893–1902) * Edmund Curtis (1914–1939) * Theodore William Moody (1940–1977) * Jane H. Ohlmeyer (2003-present)https://www.tcd.ie/history/staff/ohlmeyej.php TCD History Staff

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