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ebii, also known as Ebian's palm squirrel, Temminck's giant squirrel, or the western palm squirrel, is a species of rodent in the family Sciuridae. It is the only species in the genus Epixerus, although eastern populations (subspecies Epixerus
ebii wilsoni) were previously regarded as a separate species, E. wilsoni.[2] It is found in West and Central Africa. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. References[edit]

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Extant species of family Sciuridae
(subfamily Xerinae)

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Rodentia Suborder: Sciuromorpha



Barbary ground squirrel
Barbary ground squirrel
(Atlantoxerus getulus)

Xerus (African ground squirrels)

Subgenus Euxerus: Striped ground squirrel (Xerus erythropus)

Subgenus Geosciurus: Cape ground squirrel
Cape ground squirrel
(Xerus inauris) Mountain ground squirrel
Mountain ground squirrel
(Xerus princeps)

Subgenus Xerus: Unstriped ground squirrel
Unstriped ground squirrel
(Xerus rutilus)


Long-clawed ground squirrel
Long-clawed ground squirrel
(Spermophilopsis leptodactylus)



Ebian's palm squirrel
Ebian's palm squirrel
( Epixerus
ebii) Baifran palm squirrel ( Epixerus

Funisciurus (African striped squirrels)

Thomas's rope squirrel
Thomas's rope squirrel
(Funisciurus anerythrus) Lunda rope squirrel
Lunda rope squirrel
(Funisciurus bayonii) Carruther's mountain squirrel
Carruther's mountain squirrel
(Funisciurus carruthersi) Funisciurus congicus Lady Burton's rope squirrel
Lady Burton's rope squirrel
(Funisciurus isabella) Ribboned rope squirrel
Ribboned rope squirrel
(Funisciurus lemniscatus) Red-cheeked rope squirrel
Red-cheeked rope squirrel
(Funisciurus leucogenys) Funisciurus pyrrhopus Kintampo rope squirrel
Kintampo rope squirrel
(Funisciurus substriatus)

Heliosciurus (sun squirrels)

Gambian sun squirrel
Gambian sun squirrel
(Heliosciurus gambianus) Mutable sun squirrel
Mutable sun squirrel
(Heliosciurus mutabilis) Red-legged sun squirrel
Red-legged sun squirrel
(Heliosciurus rufobrachium) Ruwenzori sun squirrel
Ruwenzori sun squirrel
(Heliosciurus ruwenzorii) Zanj sun squirrel
Zanj sun squirrel
(Heliosciurus undulatus)


African pygmy squirrel
African pygmy squirrel
(Myosciurus pumilio)

Paraxerus (African bush squirrels)

Smith's bush squirrel
Smith's bush squirrel
(Paraxerus cepapi) African red bush squirrel (Paraxerus luciferus) Alexander's bush squirrel
Alexander's bush squirrel
(Paraxerus alexandri) Boehm's bush squirrel
Boehm's bush squirrel
(Paraxerus boehmi) Cooper's mountain squirrel
Cooper's mountain squirrel
(Paraxerus cooperi) Fernando Po squirrel (Paraxerus poensis) Huet's bush squirrel
Huet's bush squirrel
(Paraxerus ochraceus) Red bush squirrel
Red bush squirrel
(Paraxerus palliatus) Striped bush squirrel
Striped bush squirrel
(Paraxerus flavovittis) Swynnerton's bush squirrel
Swynnerton's bush squirrel
(Paraxerus vexillarius) Vincent's bush squirrel
Vincent's bush squirrel
(Paraxerus vincenti)

Protoxerus (African giant squirrels)

Slender-tailed squirrel
Slender-tailed squirrel
(Protoxerus aubinnii) Forest
giant squirrel (Protoxerus stangeri)

Marmotini (ground squirrels)

Large tribe listed separately


Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q1765595 ADW: Epixerus_ebii EoL: 313053 GBIF: 2437272 ITIS: 632346 IUCN: 7899 MSW: 12400729

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