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†Apeomyinae †Eomyinae †Yoderimyinae

is a family of extinct rodents from North America
North America
and Eurasia related to modern day pocket gophers and kangaroo rats. They are known from the Middle Eocene
Middle Eocene
to the Late Miocene in North America
North America
and from the Late Eocene
Late Eocene
to the Pleistocene
in Eurasia.[1] Eomyids were generally small, but occasionally large, and tended to be squirrel-like in form and habits.[2] The family includes the earliest known gliding rodent, Eomys
quercyi.[3] The family includes the following genera:[4]

Simiacritomys (placement uncertain)[5] Symplokeomys[6] Subfamily Yoderimyinae

Litoyoderimys Yoderimys Zaisaneomys Zemiodontomys

Subfamily Apeomyinae[7]

Apeomyoides[8] Apeomys Arikareeomys[8] Megapeomys[7] Zophoapeomys[9]

Subfamily Eomyinae

Adjidaumo Aguafriamys Asianeomys[10] Aulolithomys Centimanomys Comancheomys Cristadjidaumo[11] Cupressimus Eomyodon Eomyops Eomys Estramomys Kansasimys Keramidomys Leptodontomys Ligerimys Metadjidaumo Metanoiamys Meteomys Montanamus Namatomys Neoadjidaumo[12] Orelladjidaumo Paradjidaumo Paranamatomys Pentabuneomys Protadjidaumo Pseudadjidaumo Pseudotheridomys Rhodanomys Ritteneria Ronquillomys Viejadjidaumo


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Literature cited[edit]

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