The Info List - English Rebel Songs 1381–1984

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ENGLISH REBEL SONGS 1381–1984 is the third studio album by English band Chumbawamba
. It was originally released in 1988 with a slightly different track list under the title English Rebel Songs 1381–1914, then re-recorded in 2003 . Composed mostly of traditional English protest songs , the recording was a stark contrast to the group's previous punk recordings, pointing towards their future integration of choral and a cappella music, as well as a greater focus on harmony in their musical sound. The 2003 recording added some light instrumentation on some tracks.

Some of the songs come from Stand Together by Hackney and Islington music group, 100 Songs Of Toil by Karl Dallas , A Touch On The Times, and A Ballad History of England by Roy Palmer . Many of the songs are still performed by modern English folk bands such as The Houghton Weavers and Coope, Boys Refers to a march of workers in Birmingham protesting at the price of bread

4 "The Triumph of General Ludd" 3:02 1812 Refers to the Luddite

5 "Chartist Anthem" 1:34 1847 Written by Ben Boucher. Refers to the People's Charter drawn up by the Chartists in 1838 demanding universal suffrage

6 "The Bad Squire" 3:54 1847 Adaptation of a poem by Charles Kingsley
Charles Kingsley
written in defence of poachers . The original text can be found here.

7 "Song on the Times" 2:35 1840s Written after the repeal of the Corn Laws
Corn Laws

8 "Smashing of the Van" 2:09 1867 Refers to the Manchester Martyrs who were hanged in Manchester
for shooting a policeman while rescuing two Irish republicans from jail

9 " The World Turned Upside Down
The World Turned Upside Down
" 1:25 1647 The title comes from a Diggers

10 "Poverty Knock" 3:14 1890s Written by factory workers

11 "Idris Strike Song" 2:49 1911 Written in 1911 about a strike at the Idris soft drink factory in Wales
; the Idris brand is now owned by Britvic

12 " Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire " 2:02 1918 Written by soldiers during World War I
World War I
; refers to incompetent leaders sending legions of young to their deaths

13 "Coal Not Dole" 2:00 1984 Written by Kay Sutcliffe ">

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