The Elonex eBook is an e-reader from UK company Elonex available since July 2009.


Thickness: 9mm[1]
Weight: 180g
Battery life: 8000 pages between charges
Screen: E Ink, 5 inch screen
Memory: Micro SD card slot (up to 32gb supported) and has 512 MB internal memory.
File support: Supports TXT, PDF, HTML and ePub.
Other: Variable font size, headphone jack, microphone, QWERTY keyboard, text-to-speech.


This model was sold with a free 4gb micro SD card for £129.99 toward the end of December 2009 and during January 2010, by Waterstone's in the UK.[2] Previously, it was sold through Borders for £189 without the micro SD card.


Originally, the reader was unable to interpret carriage returns in .htm files; this caused words to run together when displayed on the screen. A firmware update is made available through the Elonex support page that fixes this issue. Another firmware update was due to be made available in the first week of February 2010 "to address some minor unresolved issues and also add additional note taking functionality to the 511EB." [3] This update has been delayed several times, no date is given for the update with note taking facilities

Elonex 500EB 5" Colour eBook Reader

The 500EB has a 5" colour LED screen and will play music and videos as well as books.

Weight: 190g
Battery life: 6 hours when used as ebook
Screen: LCD, 5 inch colour screen, 800x480 pixels with anti-glare treatment and LED backlight.
Memory: 4 GB onboard memory. SD card slot (up to 16gb supported).
File support: Supports ebook formats TXT, PDF, HTML, ePub and "DRM copyrighted books from all good retailers"[4]
Other: Variable font size, headphone jack, microphone, QWERTY keyboard, text-to-speech

Elonex also offers the 621EB with a 6" screen and the 705EB with a 7" screen. Other characteristics including screen resolution are the same as the above.

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