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EL, El or el may refer to:


* El (deity), a Semitic word for "God"


* El Franco Lee (1949-2016), American politician

Arts, entertainment, and media

Fictional entities

* El, a List of Shugo Chara! characters#El, character from the manga series ''Shugo Chara!'' by Peach-Pit * El, short for Eleven (Stranger Things), Eleven, a fictional character in the TV series ''Stranger Things'' * Superman dynasty, El, family name of Kal-El (Superman) and his father Jor-El in ''Superman'' *E.L. Faldt, character in the road comedy film ''Road Trip (film), Road Trip''


* ''Él'', 1926 autobiographical novel by Mercedes Pinto * Él (visual novel), ''Él'' (visual novel), a 2000 Japanese adult visual novel


* EL (rapper) (born 1983), stage name of Elorm Adablah, a Ghanaian rapper and sound engineer * El DeBarge, music artist * Él Records, an independent record label from the UK founded by Mike Alway * Él (Lucero album), ''Él'' (Lucero album), a 1982 album by Lucero * "Él", Spanish song by Rubén Blades from Caminando (album), ''Caminando'' (album) * Él (Lucía song), "Él" (Lucía song), the Spanish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1982, performed by Lucía

Other media

* Él (film), ''Él'' (film), a 1953 film by Luis Buñuel based on the 1926 novel * Ephrat Livni (born 1972), American street artist

Science and technology


* .el, a computer file extension used for Emacs Lisp source code * Enciclopedia Libre Universal en Español, a spin-off project of the Spanish Wikipedia * Erase Line (ANSI), an ANSI X3.64 escape sequence * Unified Expression Language, a feature of the JavaServer Pages software technology

Other uses in science and technology

* El (crater), a crater on Ganymede * Electroluminescence ** Electroluminescent display, a display made with electroluminescent material * Electrum (El), an alloy of gold and silver * Encephalitis lethargica, a neurological disease * Equilibrium level, the height in the atmosphere at which a rising parcel of air reaches surrounding air of the same temperature * NIST Engineering Laboratory, a NIST laboratory since 2010


* Eastern League (baseball), a Class AA League in Minor League Baseball * Euroleague Basketball, highest level tier and most important professional club basketball competition in Europe * UEFA Europa League, formerly the UEFA Cup, a competition for eligible European football clubs


* Acura EL, an automobile * EL, Air Nippon's IATA code * EL, Ellinair's IATA code * EL, Erie Lackawanna Railway's reporting mark * El, shortened name of elevated railway systems, such as the Chicago "L" * El, one name of the elevated railway system on SEPTA, the Market-Frankford

Other uses

* The spelled-out version of the letter L in English * El (Cyrillic), a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet * Al- aka "El-" ( ar, ال, links=no), Arabic prefix meaning "the" (definite article in Arabic), used in many family names * Estée Lauder Companies, American cosmetics manufacturer * Party of the European Left, a political party * Greece in (EU VAT identification EL) * Greek language (ISO 639-1 language code EL) * El, the number eleven in the duodecimal system

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