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Edwin S. Lowe (1910February 23, 1986) was a U.S. salesman, toymaker, game
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whose promotion of a game he renamed
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made it popular as a national pastime and fundraising activity for churches and schools. His company the E. S. Lowe Company produced bingo games and materials in addition to plastic toys and the dice game
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. He later worked in film and stage production, including the Broadway 1981 play ''A Talent for Murder'', featuring
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. Lowe also opened the Tallyho hotel on the
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Las Vegas Strip
in 1962.


Lowe was born in
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, the eldest son of an
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, and studied in
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before relocating to the United States at the age of eighteen.Los Angeles Times: "Edwin Lowe, Bingo Developer, Dies at 75 : Entrepreneur Reworked Game He Discovered at Georgia Carnival" by BURT A. FOLKART
February 27, 1986
While working as a traveling toy salesman in December 1929, Lowe encountered a group at an
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, Georgia carnival engaged in a game called Beano. Returning to his Brooklyn, NY, home, he organized a game with several friends, one of whom became so excited at winning, she shouted "Bingo!" The popularity of the game among his acquaintances prompted Lowe to print game cards, which he later sold under the name Bingo. He established the E. S. Lowe Company for the production of his Bingo game cards, which initially were released as 24-card sets. The company later increased the number of variations to more than 6,000 card combinations, adding to the game's popularity. E. S. Lowe produced miniature chess and checker game sets that circulated widely among U.S. service personnel in
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. The company continued to produce games and plastic toys after the war, including a boxed toy casino set called Monte Carlowe. In 1956, he bought rights from a
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couple who approached him with a concept of a game that they played on their
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. Lowe highlighted its origins in naming the game – Yahtzee. In 1959, Lowe produced the popular "Renaissance Chess Set" which featured highly detailed chessmen based on the
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period. The beautiful design of these chess pieces has made them a favorite with chess players and collectors.
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purchased E. S. Lowe Company in 1973 for $26 million.New York Times: "EDWIN S. LOWE, 75; TOY MANUFACTURER POPULARIZED BINGO"
February 25, 1986
In 1962, Lowe opened the 450-room Tallyho hotel on the
Las Vegas Strip The Las Vegas Strip is a stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard in Clark County, Nevada Nevada (, ) is a U.S. state, state in the Western United States, Western region of the United States. It is bordered by Oregon to the northwest, Idaho t ...

Las Vegas Strip
. It was the only major hotel in Nevada without a casino, as Lowe believed that there were some tourists to the city who were not interested in gambling. Because of low revenue caused by the lack of a casino, the hotel closed later that year, with Lowe stating that it was a mistake to open without a casino.

Personal life

His last wife was Barbara (Zolnerowich) Lowe. He had one daughter Gail Ann Lowe Haymes Maidman with Jeanette Marmott Lowe, Gail. He maintained a home at Quogue, Long Island, New York, but died at his Manhattan residence on February 23, 1986 at the age of 75.


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